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Mahamana Malaviya Mission Library

Mahamana Malaviya Mission Library was set up to promote the values and ideals of Pandit Malaviya. 

The Library has a valuable collection of Books on a variety of subjects including publications on Malaviyaji and other eminent leaders.

The Mission has a Reading Room where scholars can browse books and read newspapers and periodicals. 

Under a grant from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Mahamana Malaviya Mission Library has enriched its collection of books and electronic media. The varied collection includes books on philosophy, spirituality, economics, ecology, political science, sociology, psychology, science, technology, leadership, management, history, future studies, biographies of national leaders, etc.

The Mission has also set up a Digital Library with internet access to Digital resources all over the country and the globe. Besides there is a rich collection of digital media and educational videos.


New books / electronic media that have perennial value will continue to be acquired based on the suggestions of members and the public. Recommendations may be submitted online at Suggestion for Book / Electronic Media Purchase (Hyperlink). Recommendation for purchase of books / digital media will be considered by the Library Committee.

Donation of books / electronic media to the Library will be gratefully acknowledged with the name of the donor prominently displayed on the book / media. List of books and e-media you would like to donate may be sent by email to


Kindly read the Rules of the Library (Hyperlink), fill up the Library Membership form and make use of the Library Facilities and resources. 

















Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya